The design of a ZEB starts from a climatic studio as the same as a sun trajectories studio. First of all project targets able to reduce total consumption as during construction as during use.The project is divided in four categories: Sun, Water, Land and Air. The main category is the Sun and it’s focused to understand how direct radiation can influence heat gains, both in winter and in summer. The strategy adopted to reduce cooling consumption is to create projections on the south facade in order to shade many parts of it.

I worked with lateral sections to define the right projection lenght to have shadows where I would. I defined three shadow level in agreement with J. Aronin studies and than I decided internal dispositions. I decided to compare the building with two other similar buildings: The first one to prove winter solutions and the second one to study summer solutions.

Thank to these analysis I discovered that the south facade could be compare with the same building but with different orientation to study winter heat gains while it should be compared with the same building but with a different south facade to prove the effectiveness of the solutions adopted to reduce cooling energy consumption.