Yacht Design./Polifoiler2

Crapabusa is a foiling sailboat prototype ispired by the International Moth and the AC72s, involved in the last America’s Cup.

It’s an evolution of the existing Polifoiler, Scarliga Merluss.

It is designed to be sailed by two people crew and it is made following the 1001Vela Cup regulation. It limits to build sailboats with at least 70% of natural materials. It is a 4,6 m long and 2,2 m wide and it’s weight is 93 kg ready to sail. Its appendage configuration is studied to have two T shape foils. The bigger and wider is the centerboard. It has a flap and a simplified control sistem inspired by Moth. The control system has a wand that can be trimmed onboard by the crew. The rudder can tilt to get the right uplift to mantain a correct balance.

Crapabusa’s hull sandwich is made of Jeans (denim – Cotton) and PET. The inner structures are 100% marine plywood while the upper structures are made of aluminium. The mainsail is a 13 sqm, while the codezero with furler is 8.5 sqm. The mast is 9m tall. Soon some important modification.