Industrial Design./Playing Card Chair

The Playing card chair come from the idea of creating an object that was easy to move used in situations where space is precious, like a yacht or a race sailboat.

The shape is inspired by playing cards and the chair has rounded corners for better movement. It has a maximum thickness of 5mm. The material, carbon fiber, is an obvious choice for lightness and rigidity, chosen for its attractive properties associated with technology.

The design is thought to support high weights and it’s a result of tests I have done on models. A stainless steel prototype shown that the chair is confortable even if it’s flat. The prototype allows me to optimize the final dimensions and how to optimize pin positions.

During the development of the project we realized that the chair is also suitable for areas such as catering, temporary exhibitions and outdoor events. 100 chairs can be stored in just 50cm, 400 in a cubic meter.

Actually it is the thinnest folding chair in the world.