Architecture./Nomad House

The nomad house is thought to be located in Vico Morcote in Switzerland. It is a concept design of housing units for a New Nomad. The house with spaces so that they could create different types of connections between rooms. The project consisted of a house made from two 20 ‘containers placed side by side, creating a protected indoor environment, joined by a corridor that can be set in a gallery.

This modular section, for every block, consists of two fixed frames and one movable, called the “key”. The key was designed to move into three positions and create a mix of public and private spaces within the home.

The project is also designed to be as integrated as possible with the difficult terrain of the lot, with regular terraces 3m wide x 1.5 high, in order to design a line of continuous tunnels, thanks to the movements of the key, in the cantilevered facade that appears suspended in space for more light. Hence the name of the project: Nomad Lines.