Industrial Design./Moby Dick

Moby Dick is a bath that has as first target to be innovative and Ecofriendly. Another target is the user comfort. It is studied to be as maximum comfortable as possible for long baths.
It is a pure surfaces object and it means that the user cannot touch anything else inside, except the naked building material. The double deck permits to have the water outlet and the too full pressure valve hidden from a “second layer”. It permits also to hide all the technology components. A big study has been made to find the perfect position. It gets inspiration from the seating driver posi- tion used long competitions, as the 24 hours of Le Mans. The position is optimized to relax the spine and muscles. The Moby Dick’s seating volume is optimized also to change leg position, that’s why it has an oval shape. It permits to open and move legs and, if necessary, to guest another person during the bath. The lateral “fins” permit to have a place where to put something, as a book or
a wine flute, to help the user to get the maximum relax.
Moby Dick is designed to be also Ecofriedly thank to its integrated system to heat the water when the water temperature go down. The water leave the heat by transmission and radiation. In a standard bath it means two options: end the bath or change water partially. The second option involve more water and more energy and it’s a big waste. The Moby Dick’s system allows the water to mantain its temperature. It’s possible thank to electric resistences placed between the two decks. It works like a common thermostat: when the water temperature decrease, it jumps the temperature up. It’s a system that use little energy quantities. This technology helps to avoid water waste and energy consumption.