The P&P Media Panel is a modular system designed to create vaste media facade.
It borns from the collaboration between Showled, Belgian company leader in the LED industry, Tensoforma (TEXO) and Filippo Cima.

TEXO, a prestressed textile panel, is a structural system patented by Tensoforma based on the use of a specific aluminium extruded profile frame and a silicon elastomer positioned between the aluminium extruded profile frame and a textile membrane. Hybrid is a showled product, design and produced in UAE. It is a 7 dot LED able to monitorate itself in the extreme Dubai climate. We can find the Hybrids on force on Burj Khalifa, the biggest LED screen in the World.

Filippo Cima’s vision is a functional system, plug&play to create vaste media facades combining the advantages to have a low mass facade and High Definition LED. The system permits to create different effects, as retro-projections, front-projections, high resolution video, conceptual visualization, changing color and so on. The system can use different pretensioned skin to achieve the environmental targets.

Two panels of 4x2m have been installed and fully tested in Dubai, UAE.