Yacht Design./Isurus

Isurus is a 24m fast Motor Yacht. The hull lines are inspired by Mako, the fastest shark in nature. The choice to get inspiration by this fish came to the necessity to design a hull and the upper structures, deckhouse and rollbars icluded, coherent with the main ideas of speed and power.

All in the exterior lines follow the same direction, and the cuts are repeted to exalt the inspiration. The hull is designed to be fast and agile during navigation. The hull is designed to be built with composite materials, actually high modulus prepreg carbon fiber, in order to reduce weight and improve performance.

The internal structures are designed to be structural, all the tanks included. Two MTU V10 engines combined to Arneson surface propellers are the right choice to meet the design target, 55 Knots. The stern has a platform in the rearward that help the guests to get in and out from the sea. It has also four sunbath beds that are able to get into the water. In the bow there is an hidden jacuzzi. It has the particularity to be emptied and closed during the navigation in order to have the baricenter as lower as possible.

The result is a modern fast yacht usefull to spend weekends at the sea or to have an aperitif in Cannes and the dinner in Monaco.