Yacht Design./Indio

A yacht is a unique stage to share experiences and learn more about nature and ourselves.
The design should allow them to flourish by providing that feeling of acceleration, power, control and protection so at the end of the journey, whether racing or cruising, all onboard depart with a fresh meaning of sailing and inspire them to innovate on future endeavours.
The design concept of Indio gravitates around efficiency.
Even in the lightest breeze she has to deliver an exciting performance and at the same time be a seaworthy yacht for long passages in bad weather.
The above will also reduce auxiliary engine power and fuel consumption while providing the guests with maximum amount of sailing time.
This approach requires the use of the latest technologies for design, construction and onboard systems.

The hull is a new generation shape developed for maximum performance and enhanced sea keeping capabilities using Tank Testing, Computational Fluid Dynamic, feedback from previous designs and new ideas.
With these methods one is free of constraints and able to optimize the design tradeoffs with a good dose of creativity.
The appendages package is a direct result from the racing developments with maximum control as the priority.
The simple Sail Plan has been refined with endless iterations together with the hull and appendages to come up with the best package.

The construction method makes extensive use of carbon fibre to achieve a though structure able to sustain the loads associated with this type of yacht in any weather condition plus high speed impact or running aground cases. The usual noise and vibrations associated with this technology have been eliminated thanks to an incredible job done by the yard.
All these modern technologies are meaningless if not combined with an elegant and timeless shape, a practical deck and a warm interior with plenty of natural light.

The layout is a fusion of previous successful solutions designed for Wally Yachts.
It starts by concentrating the heavy equipment in the most effective position and then develops to achieve privacy and practical spaces for sailing or at anchor. The end result is a distinctive solution with the main saloon aft matching the privacy of larger yachts with the owners and guest cabins forward. The interior teak finish provides that essence missing in some modern alternatives. The light weight construction doesn’t compromise the performance of the yacht.

The deck layout, with its two cockpits offers plenty of privacy for the guests and the teak coachroof provides many options for enjoying the deck.
This simple layout allows for all manoeuvres to be completed with minimum crew and clatter.
The onboard systems, from the two gear direct steering system to the powered assisted sail controls, work flawlessly; key for a thrilling sail.Having completed the trials at the Superyacht Regatta in Porto Cervo both in light airs and strong breeze, achieving speeds above 20 knots while comfortably enjoying the ride with a friendly crew is a testament of the sound design, engineering and construction quality achieved.