Industrial Design./GP2 Forniture Collection

GP2 line is a forniture collection based on the GP2 series car.

It is used by all of the teams, and features a Dallara chassis powered by a V8 Renault engine and Pirelli tyres.

The 2009 specification has been designed by Dallara Automobili. The 2006 GP2 car featured a biplane rear wing, with the triplane rear wing used in previous seasons only to be used at the Monaco race. The fornitures are designed using components that are usually placed on the racing car. All of the components have enough structural strenght to be used to build design elements.

They have been studied and understood to be involved in the right place. One of the design choice was to not underline the car components but to make a design element well balanced. The component must appear like if it’s designed for that forniture.

The collection is also studied to be personalized with the team colors and to be easily removed and placed on the truck. The collection would be presented by Dallara Automobili to the different team who take part to the GP2 championship.