Yacht Design./Gladio

Gladio is a 50 ft Fast Cruiser sailboat designed to have long cruises and to be performance also in regattas. It takes inspiration by the striped swordfish and it is designed to cruise in the Mediterranean sea. The ipotical client request was a 15m sailboat that is comfortable for 7 people onboard for a minimum period of 2 weeks.

The profile is slow on the water with a sheerline that falls gradually down from the bow to the stern. The hull design is modern, with a flatter bottom, in order to have more form stability expecially during downwind. The hull is also charatterized by new design elements. The most innovative is the double glazed window for the guest rooms, usually an element used on bigger boat. The choice to have two big “windows” in the back helps to have a bigger hull stiffness and less weight.

The deckhouse is another characteristic element. It is not only a design object but it is also a functional. In the side are hidden easy sailing accessories, light and natural ventilation pipes. The lower deck has a classic plan but it has been revisited with new materials. Eg. the use of jeans fabric for the cuscions of bleached larch for the forniture.