Industrial Design./Freeform Lamp

Freeform lamp is the thinnest portable lamp never produced. It is thought to be lightweight and useful in many occasions. It could be used in indoor and outdoor situations. It is designed to be used at, stand, curved, hanged and attached to velcro.

The most interesting issue is that it is wearable and so it can be used during nightoutdoor training sessions or in dangerous situations.The lamp is made of the most nest leather for the upper and the lower layers, a flexible OLED panel and two 3V exible batteries able to let emits it light for atleast three hours. It is easy to charge thank to its wireless charger.

The exible Oled panel is a prototype provided by Konica Minolta while the batteries are custom made prototypes made by Flexelinc, as the same for thewireless charging system.

Flexible OLED Lamp is a simple design object but it’s also a concentrate of futuristic technology: Flexible OLED, Flexible Batteries and Wireless charging.