The Family Tower common are have been commissioned by the FAM property development. Family Tower is one of the seven towers that FAM is building around the UAE. Family is an innovative tower in Ajman, it will be completed in 2018. Its strenght is the common area born from the idea to have different seasons in an arid country in the middle of the desert such as the United Arab Emirates. The surface is divided in 5 main areas: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and the Flexible area. Every season is characterized by different elements, colors and materials, as per the European seasons.

”Imagine you are in a beautiful park. Now let’s go sense by sense. You can hear children running around screaming with joy, you can hear the song of the birds, you can feel the grass as you grasp it in your hand, you can feel the breeze against your face, you can smell the fresh spring flowers, you can smell of the wood from the fireplace”.

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