Architecture./Diffuse Hotel&SPA

The building is a compromise between traditional techniques and

modern solutions. It is thought to be similar to the other existing buildings in order to camouflage it into the landscape. It is located near Como, on the hill side, near a small river.

The south facade is as tall as the other houses while the north facade is taller than the others. The main structure is made by thick walls and they are made by the same local stone of the other traditional buildings. Conversely the central part is a light structure. It permits to have a big contrast between the internal light of the barns and the high luminosity of this solution. It provides also a surprise effect to the guests. To protect the big windows with vertical wood laths to make the structure in tune with the woods in front of it. It’s also a tribute to Alvar Aalto’s villa Mairea.

Another aspect involved in the project regards landscape recovery. there is a study on the existing tree species and I decided what were healty and what were to be replaced. Everything outside, relax zones, playgrounds and pic nic areas, are planned to promote that place as a touristic zone to get relax and funny activities.