Industrial Design./Cobra Lamp

The Cobra Lamp is inspired by Naja Naja, cobra snake.

The shape is similar to the reptile with the widest part on the top. It allows to have a bigger light surface. One of the most interesting aspect of the lamp is that it’s very thin. It is permitted using OLED technology. OLEDs are made from organic materials that emit light when electricity is applied. Because OLEDs do not require a backlight and filters (unlike LCD displays), they are more efficient, simpler to make, and much thinner.

The light is very thin, almost two millimeters. It depends on the material it is made of but using a plastic material, like PETC, it would not be more than three millimeters. It is designed to be easy to produce. It is formed, in a single piece, on a female mold under vacuum. It permits to reduce costs and building time.

It is an interesting piece to have in the office. When the light is off it is a modern design piece, a sort of sculpture.