The Blu Fine Chocolate museum is a project commissioned by the Modern Investment group, owned by Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Sharjah Royal family. The primary target is to create a sensorial, cultural and historical experience for the visitor.

The net separation between the museum and the shop is characterized by different elements such as 8 different thematic areas, 9 attractions, organic shapes (curved walls and ceiling). Visitors senses are fulfilled by all the elements linked to the chocolate world.
Materic finishing, chocolate essence for taste and smell, visual projection forfait the view and typical forest sounds for hearing.

The concept of the forest is a real tribute to the Nature to be the base in everything. The nature is where everything has begun. Colors, sounds and tropical climate will be linked with the culture of geographical areas where the chocolate is cultivated. The botanic garden is the place where the visitors will be surrounded by a real tropical forest, whilst they can also be sheltered by pods which are inspired by the vernacular cabanas. Vertical gardens, cocoa trees and lianas will be the primary elements that characterized in the space. The entire path guides visitor through a sensorial discovery of the chocolate world. The different areas are not only different in colors and contents but they are real different worlds to explore, where all senses are deligheted.