Industrial Design./CFSun Glasses

The CFSun Glasses are inspired by Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. It’s shape is aggressive, modern and masculine. They are designed to be

strong and cool.

They are made of Carbon Forged. Forged composite is a synthetic composite material produced in an alliance between Lamborghini and Callaway Golf Company (via Quantum Composites) who introduced it in their Sesto Elemento concept car. It mostly consists of carbon and is one-third as dense as metal titanium but stronger. They are molded, in aluminium molds, under a pressure of more than 80 Bar and they are cooked in the same moment at least 80°C.

The pieces obtained don’t need to be finished. The design choice to use this material is linked to the fact that it’s easier, faster and cheaper to produce than traditional carbon fiber. The final product a very interesting texture. It has the same reflection of the traditional carbon fiber but it’s casual, similar to marble.

The lenses are polarized and can be customizable.