Industrial Design./918CFWooden Racer

918CFWooden Racer is a motorbike inspired to the glorious cafè racers, modified bikes for speed and good handling rather than for comfort. Rockers bought standard factory-made motorcycles and stripped them down, tuning them up and modifying them to appear like racing bikes. Their bikes were not merely transport, but were used as an object of intimidation and masculinity.

918CFWooden Racer is a motorbike with unique elements that let it to be recognised immediately. It’s design is clean: a big lamp, a big and masculine tank and a small and short tail. Materials are used to surprise riders: Carbon fiber for the lightweight tail while wood for the tank. It’s unconvenctional to find wood on a motorbike, expecially on a tank. It’s the soul of this project.

The tank is designed to be made of wood. For its natural properties, it’s made of Teak. It’s a dense wood and it permits to have a good compromise between finiture and climatic resistance. The color is dark brown, so coherent with the tones used on the motorbike. In the project, Colors are used to underlines the main element: the Tank. The Black is the only color used. Materials and surfaces play with Black. We find glossy finiture on plastic and composites, mat finiture on metal, the engine, frame and forks. The unique other color used on the bike is the white. It’s used to show the aggressive exhaust system that let the bike alive when it’s on.