About./Filippo Cima

Filippo Cima is an award winning Italian designer and architect. Recognized and awarded by ADI Index, he has designed and created some of the world’s firsts.

His vast knowledge and understanding across design, architecture, automotive, lighting applications, papermills, metal industry and composite materials, allows him to mix different materials, such as high modulus carbon fibre and metals, with the latest technology. He is also able to build a skilled team to achieve the client’s target within his design. Always open to understand the newest technology, Filippo is often found in the workshop developing new solutions.

His academical path as a researcher is a precious background to develop aesthetical custom solutions with high technological contents and challenging scope of work. Filippo have designed projects such as the World’s thinnest foldable chair, the first 3D printed high tech helmet (Nandlogic), the first wearable Flexible OLED lamp (Konica Minolta), the first Italian academic foiling sailboat, the Bubble Maker lamp (Marvel). He has also worked on projects such as the biggest LED installation in the World (Burj Khalifa – ShowLED) and in the first Prepreg Carbon Fiber Yacht (Gari70). Currently he is designing the Motiongate “Cloudy” facade (Dreamworks – Showtex).

“Another interesting project I have developed in 2006, with my friend eng. Massimo Giovannelli, is a solar racing car for long distance race. We analyzed and designed all the mechanical and electronic components. This design, for Edison and Regione Lombardia, was an invaluable opportunity to learn a method of design, find solutions to technical challenges in the automotive. The main objective was the fuel reduction.” (Filippo Cima)

My architectural research concerns the design of a passive building. My major studio is a climatic studio of a residential building previously designed. I’m studing different climatic aspects starting from the Victor Olgyay’s studies. “Design with climate” is a guide to develop the building and then I used it to prove the effectiveness of my ideas. The final design is able to be passive, both in winter and summer. My nautical interests are about foiling sailboat and racing powerboat.

His work experiences made him a problem solver and a solution finder while his candidature at the University of Cambridge for the academic years 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 helps him to look for excellence everytime.

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